By-The-Park is a part of a greater community and we have to play our part. Through meaningful connections with our community partners, we are reminded of our purpose, making a difference and enriching lives. Community involvement is not a liability but a responsibility. It is what we do to fulfil and motivate us as a tribe to make sense of our being.

Bridging Programme

At By-The-Park, we have always taken pride in the dedication and professional standard of our team. While ensuring we provide quality preschool programmes for the mainstream preschoolers, we recognise that some children could face respective challenges or delays in their social, emotional or other development.

By-The-Park’s Bridging Programme aims to address such needs by working on individual plans tailored to suit the child’s needs. Through various small and large group activities, children learn to interact and make meaningful connections with their peers who might learn differently from them. We believe that such integration will provide a platform for children to better understand the different people that live in our community and build better connections.

Mess & Make

Play. Discover. Create is richly evident in our Mess & Make art programme. The interaction and learning is boundless creating more than just tangible art pieces but extending to fun and memorable memories, opportunities to share ideas, co-constructing concepts, building confidence to express themselves through their opinions, collaborating with peers and the list goes on!

Junior Food Detective

Junior Food Detective encourages children to develop healthy eating habits and a greater understanding of fruits and vegetable awareness. Children and teachers are given the opportunity to explore with simple properties of basic ingredients and its varied tastes based on the cooking style (baking, steaming, frying etc). Our children get to enjoy the process of diving deep down to explore the many possibilities of food preparation for each fruit and vegetable and at the same time develop essential knowledge and skills of the 21st century.

Spalding Programme

Spalding’s Writing Road to Reading, a total language arts programme, integrates essential research-based components, an educational philosophy, and a methodology consisting of time-tested principles of learning and instruction.

The Spalding Method incorporates a combination of explicit, interactive, and diagnostic instruction in whole group followed by interventions and enhancements in small group as needed.

Daily observations and assessments enable teachers to differentiate instruction to meet individual needs. Students learn the purpose for every task and are active participants throughout Spalding lessons.

This programme is introduced and made part of the weekly literacy activities for the kindies.


In a multi-racial society like Singapore’s, it is essential for children to know about the other races and religions of their peers. At By-The-Park, we celebrate festivals of all races and religions, for children to be equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to promote multiculturalism in their classrooms. We believe that by introducing racial harmony to children in their early years, they will be better able to inculcate tolerance and understanding of other cultures in Singapore.

These celebrations and festivals also provide teachers and children with the opportunity to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, as we learn more about the diverse backgrounds of our peers in school. Children laugh and eat their way through celebrations, putting up little performances and creating craft works, in relation to the celebrated festival. Parents are also invited into the school to join the fun and contribute their expertise, as everyone learns through games and peer interactions. Celebrations are always exciting in By-The-Park, thus we grab the opportunities and celebrate almost everything in life!

Fun Friday

Today you are YOU,
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive
Who is YOUER than YOU.
- Dr Seuss

Preschool is a great time to discover about oneself. What better way to do this than through our wacky Fun Fridays, held on the last Friday of each month. Children and teachers are encouraged to dress to the theme for the day. Carefully crafted games and activities are carried out in each class to allow for more learning opportunities. Fun Fridays are a big part of our preschool activities as we are all reminded to let down our hair and have fun, fun, fun with the children!

Fire Station Visits

Ask any young child what their future occupation might be, and chances are, you’ll have an aspiring fireman or firewoman in front of you! Our little ones have always had a great interest in the workings of a fireman, be it in their uniform, fire engines or just simple shooting water jets out of a hose! In ensuring the holistic development of all our children, By-The-Park organises a yearly visit to the fire station, for the children to get up close and personal with firemen, as well as to have the much-awaited opportunity of climbing aboard the fire engine!

Children will have the opportunity to don the uniforms, complete with helmets and face masks, before climbing into ambulances and fire engines, learning more about the many different types of sirens and their meanings! Fathers out there, these are great occasions for you to show your knowledge and live your childhood dreams of being a fireman! Our annual fire station visit is specially planned on a Saturday with the family in mind – look out for our next fire station visit!