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  • Citizen of tomorrow
  • Holistic
  • Inquisitive
  • Love for learning
  • Determined

Our BTP Team

Wee Mee

Founder and Managing Director

I believe that nurturing teachers, a natural environment and engaging activities help to pave the way to a great preschool journey for all little ones. I also strongly believe that happy teachers naturally translate to happy children. I am blessed with many of our teachers who have worked together for many years, we are beyond colleagues and are pillars of support for each other in our professional and personal lives. My biggest joy comes from the knowledge that we have made a difference in the children’s lives. I want them to have a fun and fulfilling preschool life filled with happy memories!


Organization Development

If it takes a special breed of people to be educators, then preschool educators are extraordinary.

A typical day requires committing all our heart and soul into delivering the best of ourselves, so we can bring out the best in our children. Yet, we do not ask for much, a smile on a child’s face is our biggest reward.

Nobody knows what will happen in years to come. People change, policies change, technology changes…but one thing remains unspoilt- this is the innocence of children. The early childhood phase is the key to raising gracious, tenacious and responsible global citizens. We, as educators, can help shape the early years.  

 I am proud to say I work among women and men who have made a commitment to empower little lives and to work in unity to be better people.



My passion for the early childhood field stems from wanting to make a difference in the lives of others and what better way than to do it through children! Passion and profession integrated is a magical formula!

I believe that the quality of early childhood education should be constantly improving and evolving to meet the demands of the 21st century. At By-The-Park, the constant need and want to innovate as well as progress is an opportunity for like-minded individuals to work together and make a difference.


Infant Teacher

I chose to be an infant teacher, because I believe I can be an important part in the infants’ growth. As an infant teacher, I want to support each and every child's personal, academic and social progress during the crucial stage of their brain development. As a teacher, I facilitate relationship building exercise that help children bridge social gaps to make new friends and establish social skills.

Each day brings me unexpected learning experiences when I become an early years teacher. My passion for my babies will always be there forever!


Bridging Programme Facilitator

My passion in the field of Special Needs came about when I had the chance to volunteer to work with children with special needs during my time in university. Moving on to be a Special Needs teacher, I experienced tremendous joy and satisfaction that I have never experienced in life. I still remember my first joy as an intern when a child with Selective Mutism whom I was working with spoke her first word to me and a child who was diagnosed with Autism, trusting and connecting to me.

I hope that by providing a safe space and connection with the children in the mainstream setting, I will be able to help them adapt to society and create an inclusive environment. I wish to raise awareness about children with different needs and help the world understand them.

Aunty Cat


I have been with By-The-Park for 13 years and really enjoy my time working with the children and cooking for them. I always research to pick up new skills and with each new batch of children, I try to invent new recipes for them to suit their taste and to encourage them to eat healthier! I enjoy cooking for the children, and knowing that they enjoy my cooking as well. I hope to be able to continue providing nutritious food, and making a difference for the children and teachers, and maybe help them to build a positive relationship with a variety of food, which includes vegetables too!


Mandarin Teacher