Our spiral curriculum is specifically designed to weave through the six learning domains, in line with the various age groups that we cater to in the preschool setting. As such, the curriculum focuses on ensuring continuity in the holistic development of the children from toddlers to kindergarteners. This would ascertain all children who experience our curriculum are given the opportunity to advance in all aspects of their development, be it academically, socially or emotionally.

The curriculum for each preceding year provides a solid foundation for the following year throughout the different domains. With the aim of inculcating the motivation to learn in all children, children are encouraged to progress at their own pace in line with the curriculum, while teachers provide for differentiated learning activities to suit each individual child.

Early Years

Infants (2 months to 18 months, available at Evans Road and Pasir Ris)

Growing up under the nurturing care of our specially trained educarers, your infant’s developmental needs are well taken care of. In naturally-lit rooms, their five senses will be stimulated through story-telling sessions, singing and grooving to music and movement sessions and tummy-time in the indoor gym. Older infants will get to explore nature by going for strolls, having outdoor play and art to ignite their creativity.

Toddlers (18 months to 2 years)

The emphasis for toddlers, due to their young age, is mainly discovery and exploration. Children at this age group would require concrete activities as they learn from their environment. As such, the curriculum for toddlers emphasises on hands-on activities that allow the children to build relationships with the caregivers around them, as well as develop holistic and self-help skills.

Nursery 1 (2 years to 3 years)

Children in this age group mature rapidly in the verbal and emotional aspects. It is within this time frame where children distinguish their identity and better understand their surroundings. Nursery 1 is mainly centred on discovery and exploration, while academics is woven in with a gentle touch to help lay the foundation for their future years.

Nursery 2 (3 years to 4 years)

The Nursery 2 years are crucial in setting the foundation for the Kindergarten years. Children are still given the opportunity to explore, but are now also empowered to take control of their learning and development. While discovery and investigation are still crucial portions of the children’s learning at this age, teacher-directed academic learning also comes into place, to ensure readiness for the Kindergarten levels. This age group is also introduced to age-appropriate current affairs so as to help them better understand the world they live in.


Kindergarten One (4 years to 5 years)

In Kindergarten 1, the holistic development of the children is continued through the firm partnership between the children and teachers. In addition to the teacher-directed academic programme, our young ones will also have ample to work their creative juices as they engage in more critical thinking and problem-solving-based activities, thus encouraging the development of inquiry skills.

Kindergarten Two (5 years to 6 years)

The focus for the graduation class would mainly be on preparing the children for their new phase of life in formal schools. This would include academic readiness as well as emotional competence. Our core values aim for our children to finish their preschool education as creative, articulate, respectful and empowered children. This final year aspires to refine these attributes in our children as they gain invaluable knowledge and experiences with their teachers and peers.